Terrco is no longer building new K-STAR woodcarvers. Some parts are still
available for repairs.

The K-STAR Carver is a two spindle table top mount, manual carving machine, that makes two copies of a pattern per run.

Each of the three K-STAR models can carve up to 10" in diameter (360°) or a 10" width in flat backed (relief) carvings. The standard carving length is 24", with options to 48" or 60".

  • Removable 24" long deck for relief carving
  • Cutter and styli kit consisting of one size roughing bit, two sizes of finishing bits and styli to match
  • Set of chuck and spindle wrenches
  • 1/2 HP industrial motor, 115 volt, single phase, 60 Hz, 6 Amp
  • Dust Mask
  • WoodCarving Book

  • 48" or 60" Carving Lengths

All K-STAR's are powered by a 1/2 HP industrial electric motor, turning the spindles at 11,000 RPM through a belt and pulley system. This motor provides the power and durability needed for tough carving applications. The electricity needed is a standard wall outlet, as the motor runs on 115 volt, 60 HZ, 1 phase and draws only 6 amps.

The twin spindles are counter rotating to eliminate the side thrust forces generated by the cutters. This feature makes the K-STAR easy to use and smooth through the cutting operation. These spindles are mounted on sealed high speed spindle bearings for long life and zero maintenance.

K-STAR Relief Carving

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K-STAR Gun Stock Pic K-STAR Gun Stock Pic Finished Gun Stocks

The K-STAR carving machine is built for many years of hard use with a minimum of maintenance. The frame is precisely built from heavy wall steel tubing and welded into one rigid unit. The carriage is built of several heavy casted parts to insure durability, but the sliding weight balance system allows the user a light touch and easy to operate feel. All the maintenance required is to clean the rails and carriage wheels regularly and grease pivot bearings, worm and worm gears occasionally.

The pattern and work blanks are held in place by driving spur heads in the stationary front beam and a dead center in the sliding rear beam. A worm and worm gear system attached to the front beam allows the pattern and work blanks to turn in unison with a crank on the left side of the machine. This system allows the carver to get to within .015 of an inch when the machine is properly leveled and bits are sharp.

The Basic K-STAR, Model KS5000, with a 24" carving length, is 46" long, 38" wide, and 24" high and weighs 350 lbs. The machine is designed to be bolted on a user-supplied 28"-32" high table.

The K-STAR's ease of use, rugged construction, and economical price, make it the right choice for the small business owner or serious hobbyist. Whether you produce furniture parts, gunstocks or decoys, the K-STAR is the right choice for you.

K-STAR Product Manual
K-STAR Product Manual
K-STAR Parts and Assembly
K-STAR Parts and Assembly
K-STAR Cutters

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