F-200 Dupli-Carver

Terrco is no longer building new F-200 woodcarvers. Some parts are still
available for repairs.

A Dupli-Carver® lacks only one element to carve beautiful original carvings . . . a brain. No tool will ever be able to replace the abilities of a "master carver", but when used properly, this tool can be as much help to him as his knives and gouges. Carving machines were first developed in the late 1800s to free the skilled carvers from the repetition of duplicating original works in furniture, moldings, and door panels. These machines allowed the less skilled to make precise duplicates with speed. Today's Dupli-Carver® looks as much like the machine of the late 1800s as last year's Indy cars looked to the first Model T. The accuracy, speed, ease of use, and quality of our machines have increased while becoming inexpensive enough for the average craftsman to afford. An intricate chess set needs only 6 originals to carve a 32 piece set. Drawer fronts can be duplicated exactly from one piece to another. Unlimited numbers of copies can be made of hand-crafted originals. The skill and abilities of the "master" will be the only limiting factor on how a Dupli-Carver® can be used.

F-200 Dupli-Carver
Table Material 1-1/8" Particle Board
Table Size 32" x 24" x 1-1/8"
Work Area 3' x 5'
Pivot Arms 1/8" Formed Steel
Pivot Bearings Steel Ball Bearings
Router Guide Shaft 5/8" Hardened Steel
Sahft Bearings Steel Linear Ball Bearings
Router 1-3/4 HP Porter Cable
Table Legs 16 Gauge Steel Frame
Steel Finish Baked Enamel
Carving Capacity 14" Dia. x 40" Tall
Spindle Capacity 8" Dia. x 60" Long
Weight 238 lbs.
Skid Size 42" x 42" x 16"

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F-200a Spindle Carver


The F-200a Spindle Carving attachment allows you to carve gun stocks and table legs up to 8" diameter x 60" long. The frame mounts directly to the tabletop and holds the objects in a horizontal position between two centers. The turntables are linked together to key the objects through 360° rotation. A long rifle stock like the .63 Springfield Military Stock can be carved in less than four hours while a half stock takes less than two hours. Bedposts and tall slender statuary can also be carved.

With the F-200a Spindle Carving attachment this machine is the favorite of gunsmiths with the capability of carving long rifles up to 60" long x 8" in diameter. Take a close look at our specifications and construction. We think you'll agree that it's a solid machine and a solid investment. The F-200PC is supplied with nine router bits (#100 through #109), nine styli (#301 through #309), two mounting turntables, 1 3/4 H.P. Porter Cable Router with speed control, operating and assembly instructions, and even a starter statue and block of wood. Assembly is required.

F-200GB Gun Brace

The F-200GB Gun Brace is a set of yokes that support the work pieces in the middle of the carving sweep. The yokes are adjustable in height, side to side, and clamp the work piece with two screw clamps. When carving very thin stock such as the fore-arm of a long rifle, these braces are needed to keep the wood from flexing or chattering. The Gun Brace Accessory includes one support bar, two pillow blocks, two support yokes, and all assembly hardware and instructions.


A Machine of Business

Carving has, for many, moved from a hobby to a business. The demand for quality carvings is growing almost as fast as the prices. Making money, full or part time, is a major motive for machine purchase for many of our customers. Some of the more unusual carving applications include carving special foams for packaging, plastic sheet stock for underwater camera housings and full-sized cigar store indians. Our most common business application is carving gunstocks. Gunsmiths account for approximately 10% of our sales for commercial applications as a typical half stock is carved in less than two hours. Antique restorers use the Dupli-Carver® to duplicate chair backs, table legs, and moldings.

A Hobby for the Craftsman

No matter how complete your workshop, there is room for a Dupli-Carver®. Over 50% of our sales of industrial models are to homeowners. Many people now look twice before purchasing a table saw or lathe after seeing a Dupli-Carver®. Most of our machines cost less than a quality wood lathe. Our economical machines can open your woodworking horizons to include carved inlays in drawer or cabinet fronts, claw table legs, carved lamp bases, lion's head bed posts, carved oval picture frames and moldings and scroll work on any furniture piece. Figurines such as decoys, busts, signs and plaques are also easy to carve. The Dupli-Carver® is simple to operate and when properly set up is almost foolproof. Your first pieces will be carvings you will keep for a lifetime. As you work with the machine you will develop carving techniques which will expand your horizons even further. For many, the Dupli-Carver® has become the most important tool in their shop. Projects that were only dreamed of can easily become a reality if a Dupli-Carver® finds it's way into your shop.

F-200 Product Manual
F-200 Product Manual
F-200 PDF
F-200 PDF
F-200 Assembly Manual
F-200 Assembly Manual
F-200 Assembly Manual
F-200a Assembly Manual

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