Flex-Shaft Mounting Options

Flex-Shaft Pedestal Base

Pedestal Base
- Pedestal mounted unit can be rolled directly to the work. Has full 360° swivel. Mounting comes complete with heavy duty caster, large tool tray, spindle holder and handy permanent wrench for quick-change of attachments.

Flex Shaft Hanger Bail Mount
Hanger Bail
- Suspended motor unit is ideal for production line work or for bench work and semi-permanent installations. Has convenient hook for hanging shaft and spindle when not in use.
Flex Shaft Tripod Base
- Motor swivels 360° on rolling low carriage which is ideally suited for low work near floor level. Low mounted unit will not tip when pulled over uneven floors. Has carrying handle, spindle holder and attachment wrench mounted on motor housing.
Flex Shaft Swivel Base
Round Swivel Base
- Motor swivels full 360° on round base. For operation where mobility of the unit is not necessary. Ideally suited for mounting on workbench.

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