The first MASTER CARVER was manufactured over 75 years ago. Its fore-runner was the Victory Carver which was first introduced about 100 years ago. The first MASTER CARVERs were custom built to meet the needs of the furniture manufacturers. MASTER CARVER design and construction has evolved around these needs.

Over the years, many improvements in design and construction of the MASTER CARVER have eliminated the need for daily oiling and periodic center turning spindle alignment. Availability of high precision machining has enabled us to build the MASTER CARVER to closer tolerances than ever before, enabling the machines to copy patterns more precisely than ever before.

The smallest MASTER CARVER is an eight spindle machine and the largest has 40 spindles. We aslo build 12, 16, 24, and 32 spindle machines.

The MASTER CARVER line is the most widely used for industrial applications. They are very heavily built and massive, yet their operation is smooth and easy. One operator can manually trace a pattern while as many as 40 spindles are making precise copies of the pattern. MASTER CARVERs are relatively simple, yet unique in their productivity and are used trouble-free throughout the world.

Part # Model Number of Spindles Centers Number of Motors HP Length Width Height Shipping Weight
MC1210 12-10 12 10" 3 1-1/2" 13' 10" 7' 10" 6' 7,000 lbs
MC2410 24-10 24 10" 6 1-1/2" 25' 6" 7' 10" 6' 9,800 lbs

MasterCarver Side View


Master carvers are built with either 12 or 24 collet spindles on 10" centers. 24 and 32 spindle machines can be arranged on either 8 or 10 inch centers. Each motor driving four spindles, allows the operator to load alternate work stations and obtain double "swing width." (This is recommended only where very fine degrees of accuracy and tolerance ARE NOT required.) All of the above have a standard length of 48 inches.


The carving spindles rotate at an average speed of 11,300 RPM. They are arranged to be driven in sets of four, and powered by a 1 1/2 H.P. motor. Each set of four has two spindles turning clockwise and the other two turning counterclockwise. This is to cancel out the cutting forces between spindles which allows for an easier, more accurate and smoother cut. Each spindle runs on a pair of high precision, smooth running ball bearings. All bearings are permanaently lubricated and equipped with high speed, low friction seals. The lower ball bearing is held securely to the spindle and lower bearing housing for strength and true running, while the upper ball bearing is pre-loaded and allowed to " float" for temperature corrections and smooth, cool running. The spindles are preloaded in an upward direction, securely maintaining the spindles positions in the housings. Cutter changes are easily accomplished by inserting the spindle lock to prevent rotation and using a single 3/4" wrench. This allows the operator a free hand to accurately position his cutting tools.


Most MASTER CARVER parts are interchangeable from one machine to another. Terrco®, Inc. carries a complete line of all spare parts with one day turn around service on most parts.


Spindle bores accept any 1/4" shank cutter. Standard tooling for all machines is (3) three sets of cutters with matching syli for each set. The customer may select two sizes from our list of finishing bits and one size from our list of roughers.


Each 11/2 H.P. motor drives four spindles on all standard built MASTER CARVERs. Electrics are 230/460, three phase, 60 cycle. Voltage must be specified at the time the order is placed. All electrics other than standard, are at additional cost. Each motor is controlled by a fused starter, equipped with a start/stop switch. Total machine electrics are controlled by an A.C. contactor, equipped with magnetically activated contacts, mounted within convenient reach of the operator.


Each MASTER CARVER includes electric "center turning" as standard equipment. The turning mechanism includes a 1/3-1/2 H.P. gear motor, motor mount plate, reversing switch and all other required parts for rotating around work between centers. The activating/reversing switch is specially located for operator convenience and positive control of carving rotation.


Custom work tables may be constructed in 48" lengths for any size machine (8 - 40 spindles). Tables are made of rugged 1-5/8" maple slats, screwed to steel plates 7/8" apart and can be easily and accurately mounted on top of the front and rear beams. Hold-down bolts and T nuts for fastening flat work are included with each table. Work tables are offered as an option for all MASTER CARVERs.


The front and rear centers of the MASTER CARVER are accurately positioned by high precision boring equipment. This translates to centers which are positively aligned with one another. There is nothing to slip or move. The pattern station front center, however, is set up to allow 1/8" radial adjustment for compensation of pattern work blank mismatch. The front centers are constructed to provide a sliding motion of approximately 2". This allows the work blanks to be set into the driving spur heads by a blow with a rawhide mallet. The driving spur heads are backed up by a split cast iron nut. It allows the operator to present the spur heads so all work blank ends are accurately aligned with the pattern station and one another. All rear centers ride on permanently lubricated ball bearings for long life and bind free rotation. The rear centers are driven by a worm and worm gear combination. All worms are located on a single driven shaft. On 24 spindle carvers or larger, which use a center rail and frame, the shaft is split in the center and equipped with a specially designed sliding coupling. This allows the rear beam to be positioned where needed, but most importantly eliminates all the extra shafts, brackets and miter gears needed on older carving machines.


A Terrco®,Inc. technician will supervise leveling and alignment and general check out of the machine. This is included in the basic price if machine is off skids, wired and in place before the technician arrives at the customer's plant. The above installation service at no charge is not to exceed two days.

MasterCarver PDF
MasterCarver PDF

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