Polishing Pads

Resin Polishing Pads

The RDTI 3 x 7/16 inch polishing pads are specifically designed for Terrco® Inc. machinery when polishing concrete and terrazzo.

-Please contact us for information on different sizing of Resin Polishing Pads

Grit Part #
50 SM-546
100 SM-543
200 SM-534
400 SM-526
800 SM-527
1500 SM-528
3000 SM-547
Polishing Pads

Metal-Resin Pads

Metal/Resin Diamond pads offer all the benefits of a smooth resin matrix diamond pad with the advantage of long life and aggressiveness associated with metal matrix diamond stones. For use:

  • After rough grinding, to start closing the floor for polishing.
  • Start with to open up a floor for polishing. (When Polishing Only)
  • Great for grout removal.

    Metal/Resin diamond polishing pads are a handy accessory to compliment any Terrco machine.

Grit Part #
50 SM-730
100 SM-731
200 SM-734
400 SM-735
Metal-Resin Pads

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